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Wastewater Calculation Approaching

Fountain Sanitation District would like to remind customers that the wastewater billing calculation period is approaching. Rates will be adjusted during the first quarter of 2023 by evaluating average water usage during the months of December, January, and February.

Established residential customer charges are determined by multiplying the average monthly winter water usage by the appropriate rate and adding the customer service charge. The calculation will then be billed for the following 12 months. For example, a customer using an average of 5,870 gallons of water would be billed $47.16 per month.

Example: (5,870 x .00686) + $6.89 = $47.16

New customers will be assigned a default monthly water average that is equal to the median winter water use for all residential customers. Currently the water average is 4,280 gallons per month.