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GMS, Inc.

GMS, Inc. is the District's Consulting Engineer, providing services to the district on all technical-related matters of its operation. Roger J. Sams, P.E., a principal at GMS, Inc has been the prime contact for the District for more than 30 years. Roger first started working with the District in 1976 when the Pikes Peak Areawide Water Quality Management Plan was being developed.

Roger Sams is a native of the Pikes Peak region, attended local schools and received his bachelor's and master's degrees in clivil engineering from Colorado State University. Roger has been a registered professional engineer in Colorado for 29 years. GMS, Inc. provides input to the District on plans for new development, devlops planning and construction documents for capital improvements to the District's infrastructure, and provides input to technical and financial operations and planning. As the District's needs occur, GMS, Inc. provides its staff of engineering designers, surveyors and resident project representatives to support the District's operations. 

Sparks Willson Borges Brandt & Johnson, P.C.

Sparks Willson is a full-service, general civil law firm with specialized areas of practice. We offer our clients world-class legal services with personalized attention. Our lawyers have the expertise needed to handle complex litigation, transactional, and planning matters for you and your business. Because we build long-term relationships with our clients, we understand their businesses. That understanding allows us to help clients make full use of the legal tools available, while minimizing the risks of operating in today’s competitive economy.

Our clients include prominent local and national businesses, technology companies,medical practices, sports organizations, entrepreneurs, governmental agencies, nonprofits, and others involved in Colorado and beyond.

We consciously created a law firm of our size to control the workload and quality of work we perform. We have built our reputation on the ability not only to provide quality legal work, but also to give quick, responsive, and complete service to our clients. 

Frontier IT- Our Story

For over a decade, we have provided managed IT services and data center services under the brand Springs Hosting. While we are extremely good at providing network and help desk support, it was not clear to new customers that we offered these services. We would receive frequent requests from our satisfied customers asking us to recommend a great MSP (Managed Service Provider). Customers were delighted to hear that we provided the MSP services, yet our brand did not properly identify the full suite of services we provide.

In January 2016, we launched Frontier IT and transitioned the related MSP services which instantly propelled Frontier IT into a multimillion-dollar company. Our customers continue to receive the same phenomenal support they already trust with all the same friendly and familiar faces. Springs Hosting continues to provide customers with data center and managed hosting services under the existing brand.

Frontier IT provides a powerhouse of technical capacity in our industry delivering critical IT business services to customers. Our aptitude for the level of support we provide is unsurpassed and the capabilities of our award-winning staff are unequaled by our competition. Frontier IT has made a commitment to continue to build upon the tremendous foundation we have inherited. We will change the way you view your IT partner forever.