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Collection System

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Maintaining the District’s main sewage collection system line is important to keep the sewer system running smoothly. FSD’s maintenance program entails both using a high-pressure jet/vac truck and specialized video camera equipment.

This maintenance equipment is used on all sanitary mains covering roughly 108 miles within the current system. The network of collection pipelines and manholes send the sanitary waste to one of two wastewater treatment facilities, and raw wastewater is treated either at the Richard J. Christian II Facility or the Harold D. Thompson Water Reclamation facility depending on the physical location within the District. Video inspection footage reveals valuable information such as pipe obstructions by grease, foreign debris or roots, and it allows the District to spot and/or mitigate potential problem areas. The high-pressure jet unit scours the pipeline wall while cleaning and clears out any potential obstruction. Grit and debris are removed with a powerful vacuum at the manhole. You can help the District by keeping your service line clear by disposing grease, oil, and food scraps into the trash rather than the sink and/or garbage disposal. Additionally, the District has grease and oil control regulations for applicable businesses and entities producing grease. The regulation is an inspection program making sure grease traps and interceptors are properly installed and maintained, which when working properly, will keep grease out of sewer lines.