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Developer Guide

Developer Guide

Items required before commencement of construction, Pre-Construction Requirements, and Post-Construction Requirements.

 Items Required Before Commencement Of Sanitary Construction:

  • Three (3) copies of approved construction documents.
  • Confirmation of required pre-construction submittals to include SPIA and acceptable form of Financial Security or Collateral.
  • Provide a list of pertinent project contact names and numbers to include after business hours.
  • Submittal of approved emergency bypass and or overflow plan as required by project conditions or environment.
  • Formal timeline construction schedule (Gantt. or equivalent). 

Pre-Construction Requirements:

  • Pipe Bedding - Class "B" required on all pipeline installation.
  • Backfill Density Testing – Three (3) locations at three (3) different levels of trench depth for every 1000-ft. of installed pipeline (Nine (9) tests per every 1000-ft.). Locations to be determined by District inspector. Inspector may require additional density tests around manholes and other special structures. Copies of all results must be forwarded to the District office prior to project acceptance.
  • Manholes – Confirm any special requirements, such as connections to existing manholes, special coatings and other applicable items.
    • a) Developer is responsible for assuring finished elevations of manhole rims are compatible with completed pavement or final ground surface.
    • b) No more than 6" of adjusting risers will be accepted.
  • Sanitary Sewer Service Markings - Permanent marked "S" imprinted into curb and gutter at time concrete is placed is required.
  • Inspector - District's inspector or representative shall be the authorizing individual to question, reject, and or accept any workmanship or construction material matters discovered during construction.

Post-Construction Requirements:

  • Internal Video Inspections - 100% after initial construction and again 100% prior to end of two (2) year warranty period. The Developer shall make arrangements for completing an internal video inspection. The Developer shall use service vendor approved by the District.
  • Air Testing - 100% of all installed pipeline shall be tested.
  • Manholes – District shall inspect workmanship and water tightness. All manhole steps shall be removed prior to acceptance.
  • Deficiencies – The District shall provide contractor written notice of all corrective action work necessary prior to acceptance. The Developer or its contractor shall also return written notice upon completion of corrective actions for any re-inspection.
  • As-Constructed Documents - After project completion and before consideration of initial acceptance by the District, the District shall have received a complete set of “as-constructed” drawings and other related documents as specified within the District’s Regulations and Specifications.

*Disclaimer: This developer guide is not all-inclusive, and is meant only as a guide to help expedite the project compliance process. Please see the District's Specifications and Regulations Manual for a detailed listing of development requirements.