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Don't Flush

This information is provided courtesy of the Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool.Find more information online at

Here is a list of things you should avoid washing down your drain, sink, or toilet. Everything here has  reportedly been found in municipal sewer systems at one point or another! 

AcidCosmeticsIdentification CardsRemote Controls
Air FreshenersCotton BallsInsectsRice
Automobile FluidsCotton SwabsJewelryRocks
Automobile PartsCondomsKeysRubber Bands & Balloons
Bacon GreaseCooked Meat DrippingsKitchen GreaseSalad Dressing
Baked GoodsCooking OilLardSanitary Pads
BandagesDiapersLawn Mower EnginesShoes
Barbecue SauceDiseased PetsLight BulbsSolvents
BatteriesDental AppliancesMayonnaiseSour Cream
Body partsDental FlossMetal ObjectsSmall Appliances
BonesEgg ShellsMoneySponges
BooksExplosivesNaphthaSporting Goods
BrasEyeglassesOatmeal and PorridgeStyrofoam
Bread DoughFacial TissueOver the CounterSyringes
Building SuppliesFat, Oil, or GreaseDrugsTampons & Applicators
Cake FrostingFireworksPaint ThinnerTools
CandlesFlammable LiquidsPaperToothbrushes
CementFruitPaper TowelsToothpaste
Cell PhonesFood SolidsPerfume and BottlesToys
Cigarettes and ButtsGluePhotographsVegetables
Cleaning SuppliesGravyPlasticWatches
ClothingGunsPoisonWet Wipes
Coffee FiltersHair and FurPowders
Coffee GroundsHair BrushesPrescription Drugs
Compact DiscsHouseplantsPutties
Coals and AshHunting DecoysRags

Always use your best judgment when washing things down a drain. Avoid flushing fatty, oily, greasy or sticky substances that might clog your service line. Consult your insurance, plumbing, and sanitation utility professionals for additional information. Just because it’s not on this list doesn’t mean you should flush it! Biodegradable’ products don’t degrade fast enough for you to flush! They should go in the garbage and will degrade at the landfill. Use boiling water or dish detergents like Dawn® to help degrease your pipes and prevent blockages from forming. Don’t buy the hype! ‘Disposable’ tampons and personal wipes should not be flushed! They are prime culprits in large blockages..