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Don't Flush Wipes

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 DO NOT flush wipes of any kind down toilets and drains

The Fountain Sanitation District would again like to remind residents of our community, DO NOT flush wipes of any kind down toilets and drains. Please dispose of used wipes in the trash.

Just because the packaging on disposable wipes state, “flushable,” it does not mean they are degradable. The so called “flushable” wipes do not break down as they travel through the sewer collection line on the way to the treatment facilities. Toilet paper is specifically designed to breakdown as it travels.

The fibrous material in wipes get caught up on the smallest things, starts to collect and eventually can create a significant back-up in the sewer collection system. We are seeing the same type of problems at the District’s wastewater pump stations. The pumps were not designed to pass large volumes of wipes, rags, latex gloves, etc. which clog the internal parts, and eventually lead to an overabundance of labor and costly repairs.

Several of our community members also have an internal “mini” sanitary pump station inside their home which is a private system that pumps wastewater up to the District’s main sewer line in the street or easement. If a blockage occurs on a private system, the property owner is responsible for those repairs.

Please call the District should you have any questions about what should and should not be used.